Waffle House Littrachure

As the spouse of an educator (and I use that particular bromide solely because it will make her cringe), and particularly one who’s specialty is English Littrachure, I have a heightened awareness of edjumacational issues, and my spider-senses are trained to tingle when I hear people about me discussing such topics. So imagine then how my soul leapt for joy this morning at 6am while I was having breakfast at a Waffle House in Columbia, SC.
Now, mind you, eating at the Waffle House is, in and of itself, normally a cause for celebration (oh, and I had 2 eggs over easy, grits, sausage, buttered (slathered really) toast and lots of coffee. Heaven. Oh yes, heaven indeed.) as the cultural backwater in which I find myself domiciled doesn’t have any. But the extra joy this morning was provided by the local folk, decent hard-working fellows who seemed to be in their late 40s or so, and who didn’t appear to be the college type. Yet to my wandering ear was brought such rapture by their words extolling the virtue of Shakespeare! Oh frabjous day! In a Waffle House!
One fellow was quite adamant in his insistance that Shakespeare was the BEST, and he would brook no other opinion. “In my experience” he declared “all the others ain’t worth a damn next to Shakespeare.” And he kindly provided a website for his dining companions so that they too could verify his claims…

5 Responses to “Waffle House Littrachure”

  1. See what you miss when you live your life in a little gilded box? Slumming nourishes the soul and bass fishing, well…it don’t get much better.

  2. Crusader says:

    Waffle House rocks! The Pecan Waflles are the best!

  3. Mr. Bingley says:

    Hmmm, seems Sharp As A Marble has been Waffling too!

  4. RE: The Waffle House Experience

  5. I have never set foot in a Waffle House. Never.

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