Ward Churchill: Kill Your Officers

Pirate Ballerina has the text of the latest speech by Ward:

You cannot maintain a military projection of force in the field when your own troops are taking out the line officers who are directing them in combat. It is as simple as that. Conscientious objection removes a given piece of the cannon fodder from the fray; fragging an officer has a much more impactful effect.

Nice, huh? Isn’t inciting murder/mutiny somewhat outside the realm of ‘free speech”? Perhaps I’m just not edjumacated enough to understand his scholarly discourse.
(hat tip Ken)

One Response to “Ward Churchill: Kill Your Officers”

  1. The Real JeffS says:

    Neither am I, Mr. Bingley. But if Ward ever comes over here, I can get him a set of fitted DCUs, and loan him my rank insignia. Then I’ll drop him off at some FOB for a visit with the troops.

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