WARNING: Not For the Fair or Faint of Heart

Not the pictures (I couldn’t watch; let’s just say ‘contains stills from Al-Qaida videos‘. Bastards.). Certainly not the message (General Patton channels R. Lee Ermy).

6 Responses to “WARNING: Not For the Fair or Faint of Heart”

  1. The message bears repeating

    Got this link from the good folks at Coalition of the Swilling.
    A Patton-esque message to those who are balking on the War on Terror.

  2. Cullen says:

    Ripped your link (http://halfapica.blogspot.com/2005/11/message-bears-repeating.html), and sent a trackback. Not showing up though.
    Great message!

  3. Crusader says:

    Great! IU can’t see it cause you blew the poor guys bandwidth. Sheesh….

  4. It’s playing now, little brother. Catch it while you can…

  5. Crusader says:

    Hehe, yeah, a good one.

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