Watching This Unfold On Twitter Last Night

…but nary a PEEP from the big guys until now…

…Iraqi forces and tanks surged into some Baghdad neighborhoods Sunday as a wave of troops swarmed Baghdad’s green zone, the secure area where many government buildings and the U.S. Embassy are located, two Iraqi police officials said.
Exactly what led to the surge remains unclear. But some believe the beefed-up military presence is part of a power struggle between al-Maliki and newly elected President Fuad Masum…

3 Responses to “Watching This Unfold On Twitter Last Night”

  1. Fausta says:

    “Smart diplomacy”!

  2. JeffS says:

    What, and even hint that their deity is prone to errors until the obvious hits them in the face? ‘Tis to laugh!

  3. aelfheld says:

    & this, my friends, will be President Fundraiser’s ‘YouTube video’ when all of Iraq is lost to the ISIL/ISIS/IS savages.

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