We Missed Posting This Yesterday

…but others carried the flag so beautifully. Sailors of the USS Cole we lost that awful day six years ago are remembered. They all look so young. (A warm Swill Salute to Brian.)
For our part, I think I’ll link to our post of June 8th this year ~ her 10th birthday and the day the USS Cole took to the seas again. I’m sure many of the folks who know her from the bombing would love to hear the story of her namesake, Darrell S. Cole, USMC (1920-1945). Remember the story, Swillers?
He was the bad a$$ bugler.

2 Responses to “We Missed Posting This Yesterday”

  1. He was one BRAVE bugler!

  2. Quite a character, huh GALA? I just LOVE his story.

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