Wednesday Wonderings

Even if my ship stayed upright, I don’t know that I’d want to watch THIS

…the first evening of my dream cruise.
Someone at Carnival/Princess is smokin’ dope.

13 Responses to “Wednesday Wonderings”

  1. Emily says:

    I was watching a made-for-TV version of the Titanic story that came out shortly before the Cameron film (this appears to be a rule for disaster movies or something. They made another Poseiden TV movie right before the theatrical version was released too) and I sh*t you not, during one of the commercial breaks, they ran an advert for a cruise line.

  2. DirtCrashr says:

    Going to sea in a big floating porta-pottie with a thousand-plus food-bingers and drunks doesn’t seem like much fun to me, you’re never gonna find me on one of those things.

  3. Susanna says:

    I, too, will be over here on the shore.

  4. Neither I (thanks to a distinct lack of interest and a pechant for wandering off, hence tours of any kind are a bad idea) nor major dad (thanks to his many lovely months spent at sea DEFENDING AMERICA’S SHORES) cah-rooz.
    I can’t see that changing.

  5. leelu says:

    …only cruise I’d do is to go down to the equator on SeaLaunch to watch ’em put another geosync sat in orbit.
    At least something useful gets done.

  6. Kcruella says:

    A sibling thought a family reunion on a cruise would be fun. I go on vacation to get away from them and someone would be overboard before we left port.

  7. Carola says:

    I don’t do cruises either. I’d rather spend the time at my destination than floating around in a glorified hotel.

  8. Nightfly says:

    This was the in-flight movie when Ladybug flew home from England. Maybe they thought that, since it wasn’t a plane movie, nobody would notice that 1400 transatlantic passengers die at the end.
    BTW, did you guys notice that this is the German-language poster?

  9. Ach du LIEBE!! Ich habe daß nicht!!
    Ivergaß zu erwähnen that I’ve NEVER seen this movie.

  10. Mr. Bingley says:

    Sis has the hots for the Das Boot crew, ‘Fly…

  11. Mike Rentner says:

    I’d do a cruise on a tall ship, but only if I get to help crew it.

  12. DirtCrashr says:

    I’d be intersted in going to sea in a small boat or a tall ship, a 40-foot cruising yacht or a catamaran or somethign like that. I’m going to Maui I want to snorkle in Honolua Bay or at Five Caves, not in a giant bathtub on a boat full of drunks. I don’t want to stand in line with a bunch of other assholes clutching my “free t-shirt” coupon at Hilo Hattie’s either.
    in ’69 or so my brother and me went on the USS Ranger out through the Golden Gate to the Farallons and watched them launch planes, blow stuff up, and shoot things down. It was Family Day and the Capt. was a classmate of my Dad’s from the Academy. When the ship turns and the flight deck tilts it looks like you could slide down into the waters of oblivion, now THAT’S a ship!!

  13. Kcruella says:

    I got to spend a week on a lovely LPH courtesy of the US Navy. Fun time but don’t need to be doing that again.

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