Well, If It’ll Take the Rust Off Your Car…

IV. Summary and Conclusion:
My conclusions were that Coke and Dr. Pepper dissolved the
most. I found out everything I wanted to know. I expected Coke
to dissolve the most and 7-Up to dissolve the least. I was

…somehow, this isn’t that surprising.

A researcher who figured out that Coke explodes sperm and scientists who discovered that people will happily eat stale chips if they crunch loudly enough won alternative “Ig Nobel” prizes Thursday.
Other winners included physicists who found out that anything that can tangle, will tangle and a team of biologists who ascertained that dog fleas jump farther than cat fleas.
…She said she was serious in testing the soft drink because women were using it in a douche as a contraceptive and, later, to try to protect themselves from the AIDS virus.

In THAT case, I’d like to buy the Third World a Coke!
Schmaybe not…

CHEMISTRY PRIZE. Sharee A. Umpierre of the University of Puerto Rico, Joseph A. Hill of The Fertility Centers of New England (USA), Deborah J. Anderson of Boston University School of Medicine and Harvard Medical School (USA), for discovering that Coca-Cola is an effective spermicide, and to Chuang-Ye Hong of Taipei Medical University (Taiwan), C.C. Shieh, P. Wu, and B.N. Chiang (all of Taiwan) for discovering that it is not.

::sigh:: Who to believe anymore?
As always, the winners’ list is seriously hilarious. The extensive research done on Bingley actually won a category!

REFERENCE: “You Bastard: A Narrative Exploration of the Experience of Indignation within Organizations,” David Sims, Organization Studies, vol. 26, no. 11, 2005, pp. 1625-40.

God bless Mr. Sims. I can‘t imagine what he went, through considering the subject.

4 Responses to “Well, If It’ll Take the Rust Off Your Car…”

  1. Jim - PRS says:

    I dunno. That Dr. Pepper vs. 7-Up thing sounds racist to me. I think the Associated Press should get right on this one.

  2. ricki says:

    IIRC, they did the coke-as-spermicide thing on Mythbusters a few years back, and concluded that it didn’t seem to hurt the “little swimmers.”
    But coke WAS good at cleaning chrome on a car.

  3. As, I have heard, are certain young Hollywood actresses.
    Wait. That was chrome off a “tailpipe”.
    My bad.

  4. Mr. Bingley says:

    The extensive research done on Bingley actually won a category!
    And this surprises you? I am cutting-edge.

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