Well…Sorry About That, I Guess

Why wasn’t anyone bemoaning the broken families left on the Mexican side of the border when Juan scuttled over the fence initially?

An estimated 1.6 million children and spouses have been separated from family members forced to leave the country under toughened 1996 immigration laws, a human rights group said Wednesday.
The separations have taken a toll on families who have sold homes, lost jobs, lost businesses or been thrown into financial turmoil, Human Rights Watch said in a new report.
The widespread impact on American families has been truly devastating, said Alison Parker, a senior researcher with Human Rights Watch.

But that’s exactly the problem. If they were AMERICAN (or even just ‘LEGAL‘), no one would be sending anyone anywhere.
UPDATE: Let me expand on this whole concept. Yesterday on MSNBC I saw an African American D.C. alderman or ward boss, not sure which. He was furious about a $200,000 day laborer center that had been set up to keep the illegals in one convenient place, vice scattered on this corner and that. Now, we lived across the street from one of these popular corners in Santa Ana, CA a MILLION years ago, so this problem is not new. And yes, these people are just looking for a day’s wages. Granted. That sounds innocuous enough, but, until you’ve lived with it, most folks have no idea what really goes on, day after day. They ~ anywhere from fifteen to fifty on any given day ~ would start to wander over to the corner around sun-up, bringing their radios and maybe some tools. (The radios would be ON.) As they whiled away the hours, nature would invariably call and ~ since you didn’t want to leave the area for fear of missing a cruising landscaper/construction/restaurant looking for help ~ you pissed across the street on the nearest wall. Which happened to be mine. As the day wears on and hopes of employment slim, you pool your pesos and send a buddy down to the corner bodega for whatever cervesa can be bought cheaply and in quantity. That in turn generates more urination, coupled with trash flying everywhere, the occasional violent Latin temper explosion, bored mischief making/cat calls and/or out-and-out larceny attempts. They all wander home around 4 p.m. to rest up for the redux on the morrow. I watched them racially stereotype themselves, rain or shine. Five. Days. A. Week.
For twelve years.
So here’s this poor, earnest D.C. type wondering WHY ~ when there’s homeless CITIZENS sleeping on the street and off-the-charts unemployment amongst the other ills of life in the District ~ WHY they’re spending $200,000 of the TAXpayers’ hard earned cash to make it easier for employers to hire illegals. (He might wanna double check the $200K. This article says: “Mr. Thomas has secured $500,000 in budget funding to build the center, which he hopes will connect day laborers and local residents to jobs….But it is still not clear how or whether D.C. officials will check the immigration status of workers at the proposed site.”) I have to agree with him. And, if I were him, I’d do some digging in the figures they’re throwing around since, in Montgomery County, Maryland, the center’s cost isn’t all they’re forking out.

…Annually, the county spends about $200,000 on this facility and doles out about $2.3 million to CASA of Maryland, a nonprofit immigrant advocacy group.

Hot DAMN! I could sure stand to be on that dole! Wonder if taxpayers know about that budget item.
UPDATE REDUX: Trust me, they were never this well mannered.

Home Intruder Found Sitting On Toilet
A startling sight greeted a Fredericksburg woman when she returned home from picking up a newspaper early Thursday, police said. A man she didn’t know was sitting on her toilet. The man had apparently entered her home in the 300 block of Germania Street by cutting a screen and unlocking the door, police said.
…When she got home, she noticed that the bathroom door was closed. She opened the door and the man was sitting there.
Bledsoe said the woman asked the man a couple of questions, including “How long are you going to be?” but didn’t understand the man’s response because it was in Spanish.
She then told the man she was calling to police and he got up and left. The woman noticed the cut screen after the man was gone.

2 Responses to “Well…Sorry About That, I Guess”

  1. Mike says:

    Details, details, details…If they admitted that they were here illegally, they would have to address the fact that those who advocate allowing illegal immigrants to stay do so because they want to exploit them – pay them a below poverty level wage so they can make a buck. One of the more offensive articles I have read advocating this position was by Navarrette at CNN. They would also have to address the security concerns of an open boarder and the affect that it has on keeping entry level wages below poverty level, not to mention the increase in crime.
    Nope, better for the MSM to use bumper sticker slogans to sell their papers…

  2. Labeling them ‘American’ most sincerely burns my tookus. And I read that Navarette piece, Mike. That resulted in some chafing, too.

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