We’ll Teach Carnival How To “List” A Ship!

Those cruise line pikers could only get her to go 15 degrees. This is how real seamen list a ship:

The Cougar Ace began listing in the turbulent Pacific Ocean late Sunday night, when the crew sent out an SOS.
On Monday, a Coast Guard plane dropped three life rafts, but roiling waters shoved the rafts underneath the dipping port side of the 654-foot ship. Racing against an increasingly tilting ship, rescuers tossed an additional raft along the higher starboard side, but it was a 150-foot drop to the water and beyond the crew’s reach.
The Cougar Ace had been carrying nearly 5,000 cars from Japan to Canada when it began taking on water Sunday night.

5000 cars. Insane.
And soon very, very wet.

One Response to “We’ll Teach Carnival How To “List” A Ship!”

  1. DirtCrashr says:

    The cars will show up on the used-lot in L.A. soon, with Louisiana tags…

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