Well, That Certainly Reeks

of “hope”.

…the White House has assumed “a posture of watchful waiting,” adding: “There will be big increases in stimulus spending in the fall and early next year. We have to wait to see what happens with that. If you get to the end of this year or early next year and employment is still limping back, then we have to do some serious thinking about whether there might be special problems in the labor market that require targeted interventions.”

But he’s already been on the telly this morning, so all is right with the world. It’s gotten to be so commonplace that none of us at work ~ including the drycleaning guy doing his rounds ~ can function until the 10 a.m. answer to “Has he been on yet today?” is in the affirmative, “Oh, there he is already!”

Part B of the query consists of “Great. For what this time?” “Healthcare.” “Great. Change the f*cking channel before I lose breakfast.”

6 Responses to “Well, That Certainly Reeks”

  1. nightfly says:

    Gaaaaah. Why couldn’t they sit back and wait to see what happened BEFORE he bankrupted the Federal Government by spending our kids’ money to acquire a whole raft of failing companies?

  2. Retread says:

    I can barely stand to listen to him anymore. I much prefer reading a transcript to listening to his hectoring.

  3. Dave E. says:

    Bad news, THS. Obama will not be on until 12:30 Eastern tomorrow. Millions will face the dilemma of “Do I or do I not watch this on a full stomach?”
    Tough call.

  4. JeffS says:

    I’ll be at work. Better yet, I’ll be out in the field. I’ll just avoid places with boob tubes, so I can avoid the boob.

  5. Full stomach, Dave? Thanks for the heads up!
    They screwed up royally when they gave us advance warning! I’ll be watching the bull riding on Versus instead of the bull shitting on the networks now!

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