Well, um…YEAH!

WASHINGTON (AP) — Contending that the Supreme Court has undermined a pillar of American society — the sanctity of the home — the House overwhelmingly approved a bill Thursday to block the court-approved seizure of private property for use by developers.
The bill, passed 376-38, would withhold federal money from state and local governments that use powers of eminent domain to force businesses and homeowners to give up their property for commercial uses.

The one nay voter they quote has a “D” by his name, go figure. But I’m sure there’s just as many slavering little “R’s” in local governments, scrambling to get the dirty deeds done before this kicks in. Greed is universal. So is grease.

One Response to “Well, um…YEAH!”

  1. Dave J says:

    This is a good start, but of course all Congress can do is withold federal funds: if the locals really want to go ahead without the money anyway, they still can. And I also expect this bill to be watered down in the Senate.
    The real battleground now is in the state legislatures…damn, I’m practically biting my nails now waiting to here back about that job with IJ. 😉

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