Well, Well, Well, My Fuzzy Little Clerics…

There’s a bit more information coming out about your prayer flight. And it’s looking like you might not be the innocent, aggrieved holy men you claim to be.

Airline checks claim of ‘Muslim while flying’ discrimination
A passenger who had seen them pray passed a note expressing concern to a flight attendant, US Airways spokeswoman Andrea Rader told The Associated Press.
The passenger thought the imams — who were speaking in Arabic and English — had made anti-U.S. statements before boarding and “made similar statements while boarding,” said Russ Knocke, a spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security.
Once on board, Knocke said, the six split up into groups of two and did not sit in their assigned seats.

Anyone can get booted off a plane for that, especially when they refuse to return to their ticketed seat. So that’s on you. As one of your ignorant-about-Islam fellow passengers says in an interview, while she didn’t see what transpired on the plane, she’d noticed you guys already.

“I saw them in the terminal before we boarded the plane and then they all sat in different seats….I saw them before they got on the plane and then I saw them standing up on the plane…They were all huddled together but when they started boarding, right before they started boarding, they all separated from each other…”

Can you say ‘PROVOCATION’? I can.
As well as “this is just a test”…

6 Responses to “Well, Well, Well, My Fuzzy Little Clerics…”

  1. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Hey, given this sort of behavior, we can use profiling to identify potential terrorists!

  2. Annalucia says:

    Provocation, indeed. Either that or End-Stage Narcissism: so self-absorbed as to have *no* clue as to how your behavior looks to other people, especially those who know what all that “Allah Akbar” stuff can lead to.
    Is there a Muslim male anywhere on earth who isn’t just the innocent victim of someone else’s depredations, whether it’s an airline passenger’s suspicions or female hair-rays? These guys have so little self-control, it’s a wonder they ever get toilet trained.

  3. Trochilus says:

    The guys over at Powerline have been on this story from the very beginning, and have raised some interesting issues. For example, they have noted that one of the imams, in fact, their spokesman, Omar Shahin,
    has been exposed in the past for his connection to KindHearts, a Muslim charity with links to terror-supporting organizations.
    In another post, they humorously also noted Ann Coulter’s recognition of the upside of a boycott of the airlines — a nearly identical suggestion of which had been posted by a reader on their “forum” a day before her column was published.
    And most recently,they speculated a bit on the possibility that there might actually be a connection between a promised agenda item of newly elected Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison, and the Flying Imams? It is a very intriguing possibility!

  4. Trochilus says:

    Powerline follows up again, citing an article in the very liberal Minneapolis Star-Tribune, where newly elected Congressman Keith Ellison (D-Minnesota), the first Muslim Congressman, is moving quickly to demand meetings with airline executives, and is alleging that his constituents are claiming that this is a clear cut case of anti-Muslim discrimination. He has expressed a desire to push for federal legislation, apparently hoping to parlay the incident into a cause celebre, for the passage of a federal “civil rights” statute outlawing “anti-Muslim profiling” thereby limiting the ability of airlines to act to protect passengers based on suspicious behavior.
    They conclude that this incident with the six Imams has all the hallmarks of a set-up. Powerline notes:

    Within 48 hours Ellison has taken the first steps to prove the shrewdness of the editorial’s hypothesis that the underlying incident was fabricated for the benefit of an agenda to be advanced by Ellison. I’m afraid that it’s time to scream bloody murder before the flying imams and their friends in high places turn the incident into the means by which citizens are disabled from taking reasonable action to defend themselves from apparent danger.

    Again, at least one of the six Imams, their vocal spokesman, Omar Shahin has acknowledged in that he had supported Osama Bin Laden (prior to 9/11) through his Mosque in Tuscon, Arizona! But that is not the only tie to radical Islam. As noted in the Investor’s Business Daily editorial, linked by Powerline:

    Then there’s the case of Muhammed al-Qudhaieen and Hamdan al-Shalawi, two Arizona college students removed from an America West flight after twice trying to open the cockpit. The FBI suspected it was a dry run for the 9/11 hijackings, according to the 9/11 Commission Report. One of the students had traveled to Afghanistan. Another became a material witness in the 9/11 investigation.
    Even so, the pair filed racial-profiling suits against America West, now part of US Airways. Defending them was none other than the leader of the six imams kicked off the US Airways flight this week.
    Turns out the students attended the Tucson, Ariz., mosque of Sheikh Omar Shahin, a Jordan native. Shahin has been the protesters’ public face, even returning to the US Airways ticket counter at the Minneapolis airport to scold agents before the cameras.
    In an Arizona Republic interview after 9/11, he acknowledged once supporting Osama bin Laden through his mosque in Tucson. FBI investigators believe bin Laden set up a base in Tucson.
    Hani Hanjour, who piloted the plane that hit the Pentagon, attended the Tucson mosque along with bin Laden’s onetime personal secretary, according to the 9/11 Commission Report. Bin Laden’s ex-logistics chief was president of the mosque before Shahin took over.
    “These people don’t continue to come back to Arizona because they like the sunshine or they like the state,” said FBI agent Kenneth Williams. “Something was established there, and it’s been there for a long time.” And Shahin appears to be in the middle of it.

  5. Trochilus says:

    Please note that the final five paragraphs inclusive in the above comment (beginning with “Even so,” and ending with, “middle of it.”) were quoted from the Investors Business Daily, as was linked in the comment. The html formatting inadvertently makes it appear they are part of my comment, which they are not. Thanks.

  6. Wow, great reporting, Trochilus! I’m glad you brought that over, since I haven’t had much of a chance to do much of any reading other than for Swilling posts. Grazi.
    And Annalucia? No. There isn’t.

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