What a Smarmy Con-Artist We Have for a POTUS

And the nerve it takes to be able to say THIS with a straight face…

Obama: Romney should answer Bain questions

President Barack Obama said Mitt Romney should answer questions about his ties to Bain Capital — and soon — in an interview taped Friday with WJLA.

…when we know what about, say, oh, even something as simple as HIS COLLEGE TRANSCRIPTS? Anything he wrote in college?

His real relationship with Bill Ayers? Who paid for his house?

Why he claims executive privilege over the Fast and Furious docs?

There’s any number of questions, ad nauseum, people have been asking since Mystery Man promised to move the Earth and Sky if folks bought his shell game, and he hasn’t addressed a transparent single one of them. To now act as if Romney need answer to a higher call from this lower life form, on charges trumped up by Presidential toadies to begin with staggers the righteous heart.

And causes my teeth to gnash.

3 Responses to “What a Smarmy Con-Artist We Have for a POTUS”

  1. aelfheld says:

    Romney has answered the questions about his Bain Capital ties.

    It’s just the answers don’t give Bam & Co the ammunition they want.

  2. TMI says:

    Yannow, for a guy that has absolutely no experience in the private sector, he sure is able to demonstrate that lack effectively.

  3. Jim - PRS says:

    “…smarmy con-artist

    You’re being too kind.

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