What An Amazing Statement From a Member of Congress

“We don’t spend a million dollars so we can have an excercise. We spend a million dollars so we can learn.”

Chris Shays grandstanding to Michael Brown on C-Span just now (no transcripts or video link yet). What a despicable bunch, but I have to give Brown credit. He’s not taking it sitting down, he’s giving it back. They are raking him over the coals right now

“That’s less than 24 hours before the storm. How are people supposed to evacuate then?”

Shays is asking the wrong frickin’ person. Free pass to Mayor Noggin and Governor Blameco.

“That’s why I’m glad you left. That look of deer in the headlights…I want to know what you did to co-ordinate?”

The same Mayor who gets to stay Mayor of New Orleans, mind you, even though he has already purchased a home, moved his family to his primary residence and enrolled his daughter in school in Dallas. The same Mayor whose cell phone rings during a press conference and he checks to see who’s calling. As Radioblogger asks:

What do you suppose people would have said if Rudy Giuliani had “Cleveland Rocks” as his ringtone as they were still cleaning up the mess at Ground Zero?

Indeed. A class act all around.

One Response to “What An Amazing Statement From a Member of Congress”

  1. Crusader says:

    But….but…… Mayor Nagin was a Repug before he became a Demobrat……..

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