What I Drank Wednesday Night

Bottles in the middle of the week are a bad idea, especially when you have to get up at 4:30 like I do. But sometimes you and your Bride have such stressful days that you need to declare a Wednesday to be, in fact a Saturday so that the consumption is okay.
Such was the case this week. And I chose the Torbreck 2005 Woodcutter’s Shiraz

as our “Saturday” night bottle. It runs about $21, and it has a 93 rating from Parker. Now the first thing you notice is that this wine will never be corky in the glass, never:

Some folks aren’t comfortable with screwtops, but not me. I’ve had too many bottles of wine that were only a few years old but were ruined by bad leaky corks. And since I consume the weightier part of the wine I buy within 5 years of it’s vintage the longterm aging advantages of cork really aren’t an issue for me. Sure, you miss the ‘pop’ of the cork pulling free when you first open the bottle, and that truly is one of the happiest sounds that God in his wisdom has blessed us with, but you also ‘miss’ on the sounds of cursing that you hear/make when you discover whilst out on your picnic that you’ve left the corkscrew home…
Really, what matters in a wine is right here

And I can see why Parker likes this wine so much: it is very full bodied and loaded with fruit, big heavy cplummy fruit. Yum yum. It is, sadly, slightly out of sorts on the finish, however; there’s just a discordant note struck by the tannins and high alcohol content as it slides off your palate (and this may in fact mellow out in two or three years), but all in all it is a very nice wine that’s worth having a few about the house of.
There was also one hell of a discordant note struck when my alarm went off all too soon the next morning, as well…

3 Responses to “What I Drank Wednesday Night”

  1. Mr. Bingley says:

    Wow, neat stuff, suzette.
    I’d honestly be happy with everything in screw caps; in the Bingley household no wines last more than a few weeks on the shelf.

  2. mojo says:

    Yeah, I hate them cork-chauvanists myself.
    So – when’s the Thunderbird vs, Night Train taste off?…

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