What If You Had a Meeting

…and nobody came?

BARCELONA, Spain (AFP) – The European Union hopes to finalize an anti-terrorism code of conduct with its mostly Muslim southern neighbours, at the end of a summit clouded by the absence of most Arab leaders.
However there was deep discord over the definition of terrorism, and the tensions simmering under the surface at the two-day gathering were reflected when an Algerian minister lashed out at European demands for reform in exchange for more money at the meeting in Barcelona.
We find it humiliating that the Europeans demand reforms from us in exchange for a few euros,” said Abdelaziz Belkhadem shortly after the Euromed summit opened.

If your unsuccessful form of extortion is too embarassing, how ’bout you do it because it’s the right thing to do? Be a hero. Pffft. They have no intention of changing a bloody thing and the EU perpetuates this whole mess by offering the bribe before the demands. As far as the discord over an EU “definition of terrorism”, more on that here.

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