What I’m Drinking Tonight

Oh Woe Is Me!
Well, more precisely, oh woe is my liver. You see, Daughter has been off at camp for two weeks, and today my beloved Bride flew out to get her and visit with her Pop for a week.
This leaves me alone. For a week.
Well, I do have important tasks to do, mind you. The deck needs to be power washed and restained, as indeed does the entire house, and to this end I’ve spent the weightier part of today. But a feller has to eat, doesn’t he?
and drink?
For dinner I’m going to make some Bingley Rabe, as it’s my traditional I’m-so-ronery meal.
I’ve decided to channel my inner Cullen while I cook (and drink) so I’ve put Black Sabbath’s “We Sold Our Soul For Rock And Roll” cd on the stereo very loud. Most excellent.
For beverages I thought I’d work my way through a variety of German wines

as I haven’t posted really anything on them.
But then this cute little keg of beer caught my eye

Dortmunder is very tasty and smooth out of this 5 liter keg. What I especially appreciate is the little Germanic order on the side: “Once opened, party keg must be consumed in one day.”

Not a problem.

5 Responses to “What I’m Drinking Tonight”

  1. wunderkraut says:

    Drink one for me buddy. Drink one for me…

  2. The_Real_JeffS says:


  3. “Once opened, party keg must be consumed in one day.” Not a problem.
    Bingley, you’re a genius.

  4. DORKmunder ~ that’s perfect!

  5. Prussian Tiger says:

    DAB also made a dark beer that was pretty good and affordable.
    Do you have any Reisling in stash of German wine??

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