What Mohammad Said

…She passed the man a coin and walked off, quietly completing the most mundane of daily tasks while wearing a garment — the full-face veil, or niqab — that has caused a raging debate about how well Britain’s nearly 2 million Muslims are integrating into society.
…After she walked away, the vendor, Mohammad Dehbourzorgi, a Muslim who moved to Britain 22 years ago, sounded almost contemptuous. He said he agreed with Jack Straw, a top official in Prime Minister Tony Blair’s government and leader of the House of Commons, who started the controversy this month by complaining that veils create distance between individuals and cultures.
‘Try to be English’
“Jack Straw has a point,” said Dehbourzorgi, who was wearing blue jeans. “If you come to England, then try to be English.

Or American or French or wherever your travels land you. (The upside is, the WaPo actually quoted this guy. I would have thought that would work against their normal bias.) If you still want to kill your sister to cover something you did, not let her learn to read, drive a car or feel that the Koran says you should help kill the Pope ~ stay in Pakistan or Afghanistan or Wherevistan that Stone Age crap flies. The only ‘Stan‘ I want in the States ends with ‘– Laurel & Oliver Hardy‘.

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