What The Bonnie Glenn Wears At The Beach

The Instakilt

Dalbeattie-based Thistle Products – which also produces See You Jimmy hats – launched the Instakilt a month ago.
Since then sales of the tartan beach towel, which doubles as a kilt, have almost outstripped supplies.

I have to order one of these.

Heh. Not that I’m encouraging anyone with some Photoshop Skills to put a certain Puppy Blender’s head on the above picture, mind you…
Update: Thanks Ken!

6 Responses to “What The Bonnie Glenn Wears At The Beach”

  1. Glenn’s head looks kid of big. I wonder if there’s something Freudian going on…

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    I just hope he stays away from certain kilt activities…

  3. He’s an academic AND a LAWyer, Mr. Summers. Explains everything, from the glasses to the bulbous cranial proportions. The only thing that doesn’t fit the profile is the pleasant smile.

  4. DAMN! I LIKE that poster! Coulda used it a week ago…stuck it to the side of the Grinch’s house, like a disclaimer or something.

  5. scotal says:

    Team the Instakilt beach towel up with a musical jimmy hat for a great look! http://www.instakilt.co.uk

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