What Would Bangla-Cola Do

…if there were no Citgo to go to. We’d be pretty well f*cked, that’s what. Up to and including all the local military installations, whose gasoline vendor is…you guessed it.

Richard Lugar, chairman of the US Senate foreign relations committee, has urged the Bush administration to adopt specific “contingency plans” for a potential disruption to oil supplies from Venezuela.
In a letter sent to Condoleezza Rice, secretary of state, last Friday, a copy of which has been obtained by the Financial Times, Mr Lugar warned the US that it needed to “abandon” reliance on a “passive approach” to energy diplomacy.
Mr Lugar’s warning follows the release last month of an investigation by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) that the US was ill-prepared for an oil embargo by Venezuela, the world’s fifth largest ex­porter. President Hugo Chávez, whose government has been emboldened by a torrent of oil revenues, has several times warned that he would “cut off” oil supplies to the US if Washington persisted in allegedly plotting his overthrow.

The predominant supply of petrol locally is from Tom Thumb, owned by Kroger which pumps…Citgo gas.
Or doesn’t.

One Response to “What Would Bangla-Cola Do”

  1. Aristophanes. Oil is a world wide commodity and one country cannot embargo another by itself. The only thing Chavez could do that could have any effect at all is to stop selling completely. That would drive prices up some, but would hurt Venezuela far more.
    The reason the oil embargo in the 70s worked was because ALL of the OPECkers got it together to restrict supply and drive up prices. But times have changed and that kind of solidarity is probably not in the cards. Besides, there are non-OPECkers exporting now.

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