Whatever David Brooks Is Smoking, JUST SAY NO!

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JUDY WOODRUFF: … since we clearly need to get the Olympics, to London.

David, Mitt Romney arrived there a few days ago, and he has had a rough go of it. How do you size up the trip?

DAVID BROOKS: Yes. Well, he shouldn’t have gone. There is no reason for him to go. And I’m told there was dissension in the staff about whether he should go.

The election is here. And the issues are here. And so, I think it was mistake to go. And it was certainly a mistake to do a gaffe. And I think this — the gaffe, what he said was true, that there are some security issues. But you don’t say it.

And it underscores a deep anxiety in Republican circles that he is just not running a great campaign.

If you look at the Obama campaign, it’s a professional campaign. You see the storyline they’re telling.

He took people’s jobs away with Bain. They are going to turn to Medicare and they’re going to say, he wants now to take away your — he wants to voucherize your Medicare.

That is a progression. You understand how they’re doing their campaign. For the Romney campaign, the people in the campaign are saying, OK, we haven’t hit yet, but don’t worry. In a couple of months, we are about to really get on track. We are going to unveil who Romney is. We are really going to hit Obama hard.

Well, this is a faith-based strategy. Maybe they are going to start effectively campaigning, but not yet. And so this little gaffe was just icing on the cake to a deep anxiety that they are not running a coherent, effective campaign, and it’s the candidate who is overruling a lot of the things that need to be done.

First, yes it’s a “mistake to do a gaffe”. That’s why it’s called a “gaffe”. DUH.

But when you move along from THAT revelation to declaring that OBAMA is running the “PROFESSIONAL” campaign and Romney is causing “deep anxiety” in Republican circles with his awfulness/the hope that someday he’ll hit Obama hard? Dude. There’s no clear message out of the Romney campaign…say WHAT? Huh?

Ganjaman…the choom boy be already IN the White House. You need to back off the sauce, brother, ’cause you be getting the narrative information most confused and backward. Check yourself the polls of some “build yourself it you didn’t” warfare that was going on from the camps. See whose message has been crystal clear and who has spent these past two weeks professionally explaining himself over and over again.

Or just check the polls.

8 Responses to “Whatever David Brooks Is Smoking, JUST SAY NO!”

  1. currently says:

    Brooks: “And I think this — the gaffe, what he said was true, that there are some security issues. But you don’t say it.”

    Wimps like Brooks think speaking the truth is a gaffe if it’s politically incorrect in his humble opinion.

    Typical CINO (Conservative In Name Only). He’s a joke.

    Once again, I must rate this as an ‘O’ on the VIDEO ranking scale.

  2. Skyler says:

    He really has lost any claim for being able to say anything intelligible anymore.

  3. skh.pcola says:

    I’ll be honest here…Mitt wasn’t my first or even second choice, but he’s our candidate and I fully support him. Depending on who he picks as his veep, I may even send him money. If he picks a squishy RINO, I’ll still vote for him, but I won’t like it. The only reason that I voted for McLame in 2008 was because of Sarahcuda.

    That said, Brooks is delusional and daft if he thinks that Romney going to and opining on the Olympics is causing Republican anxiety. Mitt is one of the very few people whose opinion about Olympic matters is informed via experience, which is contra to anything that the execrable Marxist-in-Chief can claim.

    And ObaMao has been running a “professional campaign” since the poseur arrived on the scene. He certainly isn’t performing the duties of the office, opting, instead, to jet around the globe to rally his zombie Obamunists and revel in the elitst leisure of a kleptocrat.

    Mneh. The yard beckons…that grass is growing like crazy. Hope that y’all have a splendid weekend.

  4. Kathy Kinsley says:

    I was going to comment. But skh.pcola just said it all…

    I’ll join him in wishing you all a splendid weekend.

    And let’s all do some mowing come election day – it’s NOT just the president who needs replacing…

  5. Kate P says:

    “You see the storyline they’re telling”??? If I want a story, I’ll turn to a book. The last thing I want from a campaigning politician is a story about your opponent (who is threatening obviously). Tell me what YOUR deal is.

  6. Gunslinger says:

    Kinda disturbing just how blatantly the media worships and adores this fake god of a wannabe President.

  7. major dad says:

    How should I phrase this? Ahh yes, Brooks is a spineless douchebag. I have never seen him call Shields on anything even when Shields is way over the top and wrong, which is not a rare event.

  8. aelfheld says:

    Why, exactly, is David Brooks considered an astute commentator?

    Forget conservative – only the NYT bothers pretending to believe that anymore and I’m pretty sure they’re laughing at him behind his back – I just can’t see how anyone who has been so wrong for so long is still treated with any seriousness.

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