When I Get My Award For Environmental Excellence…

Will they send a private train for me, too?

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall arrived in New York from Philadelphia by private train and visited the Harlem Children’s Zone’s Promise Academy.
The royal couple are on a weekend visit to the United States focusing on youth development, urban renewal and environmental stewardship.
…Earlier in the day, the couple waved to adoring fans in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as they walked to a private church service. The couple spent Saturday and early Sunday in Philedelphia.
Afterward, they boarded the New York-bound private train, accompanied by the dean of Temple University’s School of Education, C. Kent McGuire and several other Philadelphia-area community leaders.
“The prince was gracious and engaged,” said McGuire, who said the prince talked about urban redevelopment and other issues his 17 foundations address.
On Sunday evening in New York, Prince Charles is scheduled to receive an award from Harvard Medical School’s Center for Health and the Global Environment. He also is expected to give a speech on environmental issues. Last year’s recipient, former Vice President Al Gore, is scheduled to present the award.

Well, Sis might get me a bottle of Night Train to celebrate, I suppose. And I’d raise a toast to Chuck, as well, because that’s the kind of big-hearted guy I am.
Unlike these fellows:

While Charles has won kudos from environmentalists for his calls to action on global warming, British environmentalists have said the prince should have abstained from flying to the United States. In response, Charles’ office said it would cancel a skiing trip to Switzerland, a gesture that would reduce his carbon footprint — the carbon dioxide created by his travels.

The sacrifices that he is willing to make really brings a tear to my eye.
I’m too choked up to continue.

3 Responses to “When I Get My Award For Environmental Excellence…”

  1. I’m curious who had more ‘adoring fans’ show up, Charles or Jane Fonda? Didn’t see any coverage of the C² visit, but old girl’s crowds in D.C. were lookin’ mighty thin.

  2. The_Real_JeffS says:

    No doubt Chucky canceled his ski trip in order to reduce his carbon footprint and save Mother Gaia™. His decision had nothing whatsoever to do with the “… really crappy ski conditions at Klosters this season…”.
    I just know it.

  3. Nightfly says:

    Waitaminute… he took a private TRAIN? An entire train? How much co2 does that cost compared to a plain old civilian Humvee?

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