When is a Plan No Plan at All?

When it starts out something like this

The commission will propose that the city should discourage homeowners from rebuilding in the hardest hit areas until a plan can be hammered out, but will not forbid them from doing so.
But ultimately, the areas that fail to attract a critical mass of residents in 12 months will probably not survive as residential neighborhoods, Mr. Canizaro said, and are likely to end up as marshland as the city’s population declines and its footprint shrinks.

So the rocket scientists running what’s left of New Orleans say go ahead and rebuild where ever your little heart desires. BUT, if you can’t get any neighbors to build next door in a year, we’re tearing your sh*t down.
Try getting a mortgage for that casa.
Quit suckin’ up to the critics there, local officials. Nobody’s going to like anything that needs to be done. Like the ABCNews report a few weeks ago about how the dang FEMA and Feds weren’t tearing down houses and cleaning up the mess the way they would have if it had been a ‘white city’. Lo and behold, the NEXT DAY those very same folks are throwing themselves in front of bull dozers to STOP the demolition. People complaining from HOUSTON and points beyond that they hadn’t had a chance to get back to their houses (Or what’s left of them, even if they floated three streets over from their original lot.), while making no attempt to get back. But they’re being disrespected alright. Sheesh. Get a grip. There’s such a schizophrenic sludge of duck soup, hatefulness and lies floating around that swampland, that’s it’s going to be next to impossible to put one’s foot down and get the thing done. Especially if the local officials all have the backbone of oysters. And they wonder why the American taxpayer has a certain amount of resentment about the grandiose plans to rebuild our Third World Mecca. Trust me, it’s not because they’re black.
UPDATE: Hold everything. Why just pick on local officials when there’s a wealth of material coming out of a certain Senator’s mouth. This quote courtesy of her taxpayer funded trip to the Netherlands to see how they keep their puddies dry.

“We’ve had this patchwork, catch-as-catch-can attitude from Washington,” said Landrieu, D-LA. “What we need to see is a nation that has really made flood protection a priority.”

I’m guessing that’s because the Dutch wouldn’t have a nation without it? Not exactly our situation. And I’ll bet she’ll see there’re no Mardi Gras fountains courtesy of the local levee board in the Hague either. Schmaybe, just schmaybe, the Dutch are a little more interested in results rather then well lined local pockets.

One Response to “When is a Plan No Plan at All?”

  1. The_Real_JeffS says:

    A good analysis, THS. Flood control is haphazard largely because, ultimately, flood control is a local issue. That’s because the control of local resources (specifically water and real property) tends to be at the state or lower levels of government. And when you have a multi-jurisdictional project, hoo doggie!
    Uncle Sugar gets involved mostly because Congress directs that involvement. Which, again, is on a case by case basis (even if the “case” covers an entire river basin).
    So, “haphazard” is pretty much the intent by design. But Landrieu isn’t smart enough to see that. Or maybe she is, and just wants to centralize flood control at the state level…..which would be a laugh. Look at the New Orleans Levee District….that is centralized at the state level (it is a state agency, as I recall). In which she is still stupid.

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