When the Students Get to Choose Everything From the University President

…to, probably, the color of the vegetables on their plastic tray ~ and then indulged during their predictable, juvenile histrionics when someone dares proffer a choice based on qualification without consulting said student body ~ what would you expect?

Commission: Gallaudet at risk of losing accreditation
The nation’s only liberal arts university for the deaf could lose its accreditation unless it addresses concerns about weak academic standards, ineffective governance and a lack of tolerance for diverse views, an education oversight group warned.
Gallaudet University was rocked by student demonstrations last fall that shut down the university for several days and forced the board to revoke the appointment of a new president.
Afterward, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education said it was delaying a decision on whether to renew the school’s accreditation because of concerns raised during the protests and because of a 2005 federal report that rated Gallaudet “ineffective.” The federal Office of Management of Budget this month gave Gallaudet an improved evaluation, to “adequate.”
A letter from the commission, dated Jan. 13 and disclosed this week, summarized the issues the university must address to retain its accreditation. Commission Vice President Linda A. Suskie said the fall protests raise questions about the university’s governance and whether the board is out of touch.
University spokeswoman Mercy Coogan said interim president Robert Davila had shared the letter with campus leaders, who were addressing its concerns.

The campus ‘leaders’ were addressing the letter’s concerns? NOT the president? ‘Out of touch’ seems a kind way to phrase it.
I think the commission could have saved itself a stamp.

2 Responses to “When the Students Get to Choose Everything From the University President”

  1. The_Real_JeffS says:

    If the students (through the “campus leaders”) are running the school, why even bother with an administration? They might not have their accreditation, but think of the overhead the school would save.
    Might be enough to pay for some demonstrations against the Middle States Commission on Higher Education for their educational fascism. How dare they hold Gallaudet to such lofty standards?

  2. Mike Rentner says:

    Good for the accrediting body.
    The fiasco at Gallaudet has been a black eye for the Deaf community, even though most do not acknowlege or even perceive the damage done.

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