When You Think of All the Conniving B$ They Pull on the Show…

…why is it news when they turn out to be weasels in real life?

A former winner on “Survivor” lied to get time off from his job as a state highway worker to join a promotional tour for the reality TV show in Europe last year, an investigation found.
…After his requests for time off were denied, he submitted a false doctor’s excuse saying he was suffering from anxiety and depression and needed a month of medical leave, ODOT’s investigation found.
ODOT said Daugherty’s initial requests were refused because he had already used all but 29 hours of his vacation days, sick leave and personal time. Officials said he even submitted a request for military leave — despite never being in the armed services — because the “Survivor” tour was scheduled to visit a military base in Germany.

Yeah and they’d walk past your gasping a$$ to summit Everest, too, but they’re big ratings winners!

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