When Your Sneering Brussels Overlords

…no longer feel the need to manage their contempt for you and revel in it openly, it’s time to leave.

When the thought of your once proud, independent nation brings a snarl to the face of the unelected bureaucrat who holds your identity as British in his hands, it’s time to leave.

When you are nothing but contemptible for wanting the freedom of self-determination restored to you?


Brexiteers will have a ‘special place in hell’ declares EU chief Donald Tusk
The EU Council President’s extraordinary speech comes as talks remain deadlocked 51 days before Brexit – with Northern Ireland leaders saying they have “genuinely no idea” what Theresa May’s plan is after meeting her

Brexiteers will have a ‘special place in hell’, EU chief Donald Tusk declared today in an extraordinary, furious speech.

The European Council President lashed out at top Tories as talks remain deadlocked just 51 days before the UK is supposed to leave.

4 Responses to “When Your Sneering Brussels Overlords”

  1. aelfheld says:

    A special place in Hell?

    I thought they were leaving the EU?

  2. Gunsniper says:

    Considering the EU was forced onto the European continent after the Netherlands and France both voted “No” the Bastards of Brussels will get their own special ring of Hell.

  3. My own response too the scum who still rule us is best read at https://www.altnewsmedia.net/opinion/deal-no-deal-frankly-we-dont-care-we-just-want-to-leave/

    The EU has always tried to get people to change their minds, by one method or another. It will indeed be a great day on the 29th march. How we fare after that, who knows; but its got to better than living under the dictatorial thumb of the EU bureaucracy!

  4. Kathy Kinsley says:

    @Mike Cunningham
    Indeed – Britain is far better off being Britain – not Germany – they tried that before. Same idea – different weapons. Keep resisting.

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