Where Has All the Oil Gone, Long Time Passing?

No, really.
Where has all the oil gone?

UWF: Most oil from BP spill gone from Gulf along Panhandle
Most crude disappeared, studies show

Two years after tar balls from the Deepwater Horizon oil well explosion began washing up on Pensacola Beach and Perdido Key, there’s good news: Most of the oil is gone from Florida waters.

The fear that vast, gooey tar mats of BP oil are lurking on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico just waiting to be unleashed by a hurricane isn’t valid, according to research by University of West Florida scientists.

The scientists have spent a year on an offshore study to determine how much of the 270 million gallons of spilled BP oil remains in the Gulf between Perdido Key and Panama City. The offshore study will continue for another year. An onshore study will wrap up this month.

That oil washing on shore will not happen,” said Richard Snyder, director of the university’s Center for Environmental Diagnostics & Bioremediation. “There’s no oil out there to wash up.

In NO WAY does it excuse any part of BP’s criminal negligence and the Obama administration’s CRIMINAL INCOMPETENCE, but it DOES prove that NATURE is an almighty wonderful, mysterious and forgiving mistress.

“Gulp, gulp”, went the Gulf. Plus those cool little oil eating microbes that live hereabouts.

And I’ll bet you haven’t heard hide nor hair of this little tid-bit on any national news, have you?

Doesn’t fit the narrative.

7 Responses to “Where Has All the Oil Gone, Long Time Passing?”

  1. currently says:

    You’re absolutely right THS.

    Mother Nature is a wonder. Oil is constantly seeping up naturally on the oceans’ floors and dealt with naturally.

    And lest we forget, oil is a natural creation of Mother Earth that we harvest and refine for a multitude of purposes.

    If the MF’s in the government would get out of the way we’d have access to much more, much cheaper.

  2. Ave says:

    If that oil has “disappeared” then magic must be real after all.

  3. Gary from Jersey says:

    The real majic was skinning BP for $30 billion. Wonder where that went.

  4. Gary from Jersey says:

    That’s “magic.” My chair moved.

  5. major dad says:

    No magic Ave, it’s gone as it has been recycled by Mother Nature. There are tons of oil that seeps into the Gulf of Mexico all year long and there are organisms that consume it. Just the way it is…

  6. JeffS says:

    Same thing in Alaska, up on the North Slopes. Oil literally seeps up onto the ground. The environment is not endangered — the environment deals with it.

    Human hysteria on this subject is self-generated.

  7. Ave says:

    Gets me thinking md, there are a couple of organisms who consume Kir Royales and will have the pleasure to meet up at Chez Bingley quite soon…hear that, THS??

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