While Reading a Chapter or Two Before Beddie-Bie

…a passage made me laugh. It really is so true that the more things change…

“…As yet another, Nathaniel Grubb complained in 1763 to the Pennsylvania legislature that “a pack of insignificant Scotch-Irish” was responsible for having retaliated too fiercely against a series of Indian attacks.

…the more they stay the same.

4 Responses to “While Reading a Chapter or Two Before Beddie-Bie”

  1. Yeah, well it was just such a crack about “insignificant Scotch-Irish” that got them pissed off in the first place.

  2. It really tickled me. With three changes ~ Nathaniel Grubb to ‘insert Democratic congressman of your choice’, Scotch-Irish to ‘U.S. Marines’, and Indians to insurgents ~ well, shit. I’m pretty sure we could find that soundbite already written somewhere.

  3. There’s another line that had me thinking “BINGLEY!”:

    “…Woodmason was little impressed with the quality of the parishioners, however, disliking the fact that many of them drank in church and calling them “Ignorant, mean, worthless, beggarly Irish Presbyterians, the Scum of the Earth, and Refuse of Mankind.””

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