Who Cares?

Is the title of the song quoted below, and while it may sound trite I think it’s a good attitude to have: Economic tides ebb and flow; family and friends are the things that matter in life.
Obviously economic discussions dominated the family chats this weekend, so we did what we normally do: we opened up a large bottle of cheap wine. And my Bride put some Fred Astaire on the Hi-Fi. She said that if they could find the joy in life in the midst of that, then we certainly have nothing to really complain about.
Wise words, my friends.

5 Responses to “Who Cares?”

  1. Retread says:

    Now there’s a silver lining to hope for. Maybe Hollywood will go back to making movies for adults, instead of political statements disguised as movies.

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    You know, Retread, I was thinking sort of along those lines with regard to Paul Newman. There’s a guy who did far more to help charities and people in need than any of these over-politicized attention whores of today, and you never heard one political rant or peep out of him. He just quietly lived and led by example.

  3. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Wise words, indeed.

  4. Retread says:

    That’s because Paul Newman was an adult and acted like it. Er, behaved like it. I gather his politics were well left of center but that’s only because of what’s been written since the week-end.
    I’m beginning to miss the days when politics and religion as topics of conversation had their place and that place wasn’t in my face 24/7.

  5. Cheap being the operative word. Happy and wise are the ones who can banquet on sunshine and dewdrops.

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