WHO Dat? WHO Dat? WHO Dat…

…got dey head up dey ass?

Fight’s on.


Lemme tell ya ~ the backlash is deLIcious.

5 Responses to “WHO Dat? WHO Dat? WHO Dat…”

  1. Gunslinger says:

    The NFL’s reinstatement of Michael Vick was ample enough evidence that
    they had their heads up their asses.

    Nice to see that they were willing to back down from doubling down on stupid.

  2. Dave E. says:

    Trying to trademark the phrase was insane, just going by all of the different versions on its origin and application to the Saints. Some of the shirts I saw also had the Saints logo in all or part though, and I wouldn’t try to fight the NFL on that. I’ve turned down a couple of jobs where people wanted to incorporate a Vikings logo without permission. I didn’t want the potential hassle. A lot of universities are getting just as aggressive about their logos.

  3. Yojimbo says:

    In 1814 we took a little trip
    Along with Colonel Jackson down the mighty Mississip
    We took a little bacon and we took a little beans
    And we caught the bloody British in the town of New Orleans
    We fired our cannon ’til the barrel melted down
    So we grabbed an alligator and we fought another round
    We filled his head with cannon balls, and we powdered his behind
    And when we touched the powder off the gator lost his mind!

    That first picture reminded me of one of my favorite songs. Sorry, back to my meds.

  4. Rob says:

    The NFL just wants to get their grubby hands on everything. Personally, I’d like to see the phrase die a sudden, but natural, death. The NFL underestimated the backlash on this one. A bit unexpected if you ask me since I find they’re typically pretty smart about money-grubbing matters.

  5. nightfly says:

    Yeah, but just imagine if this was Vikings/Jets —

    1. Two tortured fanbases trying to outdo the other in angst;
    2. The entire state of Wisconsin rioting like French youths of indeterminate origin.

    Crisis averted. And this is Manning vs. the Saints, so either way, Nawleans is rockin’ a winner, for true.

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