The first big dog show of the year is on this weekend. A warm-up for Westminister. The National Agility Championship is on Animal Planet Feb. 13. Major Dad and I were at our local ‘dog fanciers’ agility/obedience trials this past Saturday and it was a hoot. (We left the Scottie home, luckily.)

3 Responses to “Whoopee!”

  1. Lisa says:

    I love, love, love dog shows. One year, I actually called in sick to my monthly Bunco game because it fell on Westminster night!
    I want a French bulldog so bad I could spit, but am not willing to pay $1500 for one, so a good dog show is a rare chance to see one.

  2. I think they’re frickin’ aDORABLE. Westminster is sacred TV time for us…and then we always piss and moan that the black Labrador (Only the most popular breed in the WHOLE DAMN COUNTRY !!) NEVER makes it out of the sporting group. Now the Scottie (the terrier from which all others sprung) has been to best in show twice and won the whole enchilda only once since we’ve been watching. It’s always FooFoo the Tiny Wonderdog and every 6 years or so ~ just to shut ‘normal real dog’ people up ~ they throw some big dumb one in for the win, like the Bouvier des Flandres or some crap. (Although Carlie the German short-hair who won last year was an inspired choice.) Or worse, some Cartman looking thing.

  3. Lisa says:

    I remember when Josh the Newfie won (year before last, I think) and that commentator who’s their “expert” said there was a big hue-and-cry that year from the big-dog breeders about small dogs always winning Westminster.
    He said he didn’t think it was a problem (of course, because he breeds Brittanys) but that he thought the judge of Best in Show would pick a big dog. And he did.

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