Why Bother Going To The Hospital

If you ain’t gonna let the doctor look at you?

A hospital in northwest England has introduced a new surgical gown modelled on the burka, allowing female Muslim patients to cover themselves completely in line with their religious beliefs.

I agree 100% with the Daily Express:

“If people want to live in Britain, then they must accept British standards and the British way of life… The standard hospital gown is surely good enough for everyone.”

That’s some, er, skin rash you got there.

5 Responses to “Why Bother Going To The Hospital”

  1. DirtCrashr says:

    Bwaahahahahaha! Roll over, we gotta take your temperature…

  2. Nightfly says:

    Senator Kerry? Is that you?

  3. Gunslinger says:

    That face lift must’ve really went poorly.

  4. nobrainer says:

    …shortly to be followed by x-rays and MRIs that can’t see into you, as that is presumably also forbidden by Islam.

  5. “Now then, there MUST be an opening around here which may prove useful!”

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