Why Do I Find ‘Raised the Case’ So Damn Disgusting?

Probably because I want to hear DEMANDED his release in the name of FREEDOM. The FREEDOM paid for WITH, protected and MAINTAINED by, American lives.

Afghanistan said on Wednesday the judiciary would rule on a man facing death for converting to Christianity after the United States and three NATO allies with troops in Afghanistan urged respect for religious freedom.
… The United States, which counts Karzai as a key ally in the region, raised the case with visiting Afghan Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah on Tuesday, calling on Kabul to uphold Afghan citizens’ constitutional right to choose their faith.
“We hope that the Afghan constitution is going to be upheld and in our view, if it’s upheld, then of course he’ll be found to be innocent,” said Nicholas Burns, the U.S. State Department’s third-ranked diplomat.

And if it’s not upheld, he’s dead, Mr. Burns. This administration has talked a fine line about freedom, democracy and tolerance, but when it comes down to crunch time, they fold like a three dollar bill.
Michelle Malkin has more on the current effort to declare him a loon, as Mr. Summers pointed out in comments below. But that’s a bullsh*t, easy way out for everyone, including the President ~ gilding the poop lily so everyone saves face. What happens when the next Muslim finds God on a different path or decides she/he’s a secular being’, but no one hears he’s been arrested? What happens to that guy? (If it’s a woman, I’m sure she’ll be hustled off and hung with little fanfare from her American feminist sisters in arms.)
God, they make me SICK. You can call the Afghan embassy, but I think the White House and all those cushie tushies up there need to be flooded with pissed off emails and calls before anyone else. They TOLD the Afghan people they were FREE from the Taliban, from the horrors of Sharia. Just because Karzai is more visually appealing than Mullah Omar doesn’t mean he gets a pass.

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  1. ROPMA

    Cognitive dissonance sets in with the reading of successive posts by the Swillers (with elaboration by FSCJ Volokh): Their uncompromising defense of a Freedom of Speech without limits or restrictions is not in accordance with the international rules wh…

  2. Abdul Rahman must be freed!

    Still more on Abdul Rahman, on trial in Afghanistan for converting to Christianity. The Political Pitt Bull (via Michelle Malkin) has a video of Dubya finally giving a speech but unfortunately delivering it very weakly. Denmark is showing much better…

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