“Why Doesn’t the Public TRUST US?”

How to be a “somebody’s bitch”: Exhibit 1

One Response to ““Why Doesn’t the Public TRUST US?””

  1. Gunslinger says:

    Obama signs order to begin $85 billion in spending cuts that he championed and endorsed with his signature before the 2012 election and now screams and runs away from at near light speed for several months only to finally sign it once again and pretend he didn’t want it in the first place except that he did even though it isn’t a cut but a reduction in the rate of spending for a new fiscal year that doesn’t have a legal, lawful budget framework for the fifth year in a row in violation of our Constitution but nobody in the House or Senate gives enough of a rat’s ass to actually enforce their own laws and…

    (screw it, just spray the DC area with VX and GB, wait a couple of years then send in the clean up teams and start over or something…)

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