Why I Shouldn’t Do Things Around The House

So NJSue is out of town this weekend giving a paper on cross dressing men in tights (which I guess means they’re back in pants) and I decide to do a PROJECT. The back yard of our house is fairly sloped (“That ‘rising ground’ is a hill, Miss Eliza”) and a sandy soil that seems to only grow moss or erode. So I reckoned that I’d plant some ground covering junipers to sort of hold the soil there (and to use to make gin if things get tough), since we never can get any grass to grow in that area.
So I went to Lowes today and bought a bunch of them, and whilst daughter was at school Claude and I started digging holes for the bushes. Dig dig dig. Hmmm, what’s that? Looks like a…a wire. Oh shit; I just sliced the wire for the invisible fence. This is not good.
To assuage my dear bride, who may be reading this if she’s got internet access, I looked online to see if this was spliceable, found that it was (and let’s all let out a big wheeewww!), went to the hardware store and got some insulated wire (one foot for 31 cents) and a lot of electrical tape. I spliced the wire bag together and encased the two splices in enough electrical tape to wrap King Tut several times over, than wrapped all that in a couple of Ziplocs™ and taped it up again. It should be waterproof.
I am a moron.

3 Responses to “Why I Shouldn’t Do Things Around The House”

  1. No, you are a college graduate.

  2. Bill McCabe says:

    There’s also a good chance that the dog has already learned his boundaries and isn’t likely to cross them.

  3. Mr. Bingley says:

    Oh, he certainly has Bill; there’s no danger of him crossing the line. But that wire is expensive, or rather having it installed was. We can let him out without his collar on, and he won’t go anywhere.

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