Words Can Not Express The Disgust I Feel

At the amoral bastards on this tape over at HotAir.
My god, it is sickening. Listen to it, if you can.
And then go listen to this, the 911 call of a man on the 102nd floor of tthe World Trade Center. I was not going to link to this, because it just ripped me to shreds listening to it. But those “Loose Change” bastards (whatever the hell “loose change” is) has just pised me off so much that I am going to link to it.
But be warned, it is horrible. I am crying even as I type this.
Just what the hell is wrong with some people? How blind, ignorant, spiteful can some be? How insane are you to believe that there are conspiracies behind every corner?

One Response to “Words Can Not Express The Disgust I Feel”

  1. Is it wrong of me to wish someone would attacker the bastard with a boxcutter?

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