World News Tonight’s MOST IMPORTANT CAMPAIGN NEWS of the DAY for Last Night’s Broadcast WAS:

Romney’s stupid tax returns. I sh*t you not.

That’s what they led with.

That was their ONLY story:

Mitt Romney Says He Never Paid Less Than 13 Percent In Taxes

GREER – Mitt Romney said today he has not paid less than a 13 percent taxes during the past ten years. The candidate had told ABC News’ David Muir last month that he’d be “happy to go back and look” at his returns.

They whooped right over him USING A WHITEBOARD TO EXPLAIN MEDICARE REFORM, to get to the three seconds of him laying out his lowest tax-rate.


What in the SAM HELL are they paying a first rate reporter like Jake Tapper for, if they’re NOT going to put him on the broadcast daily, skewering Carney repeatedly and calling the President out? The guy’s a national treasure.

Oh. Never mind.

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