Would Somebody Please Eat This Person? Part Deux

What a surprise. Carol Mosely Braun is a pathetic race-baiter.

The Rhodes’ business has to operate at capacity now, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and the stunning failure of government to provide for the welfare of the people. No one knows yet how many people have died in Louisiana or Mississippi, but everyone knows that the death toll is tragic and horrendous. Those who survive will have stories no less chilling than the stories passed down the generations from survivors who fled the night riders in the late 1800s. The failure this time of the government to respond will be seen as symptomatic of the same kind of fatal neglect that made post-Reconstruction a time of infamy in U.S. history.
The common denominator between tragedies may almost certainly be found in the nuances and realities of race, class and poverty. Assumptions were made in government that can only be explained in context of the demographics most affected by the hurricane. No rational person sincerely believes our government would have had such a laissez-faire attitude if the majority of the population had not been poor and black. No provisions were made to avert disaster. No thought was given to how people without cars or money could leave.

No thought given to how the poor would get out of the city? That might play in Chicago, Ms. EX-Senator-for-a-REASON, but it won’t play here. Nor with the tens of millions of lily white and otherwise Americans who have opened their hearts, homes and wallets to help in any way they can. Your part in the relief effort has been what, exactly? I mean, besides baleful babblings and photo ops.

2 Responses to “Would Somebody Please Eat This Person? Part Deux”

  1. Lisa says:

    Maybe she should ask the BLACK mayor of New Orleans why they weren’t evacuated.

  2. I love how all the crooks got the press props, i.e. her, Morial, Jesse, Al…I mean, where the hell are the quotes from the true black leadership? Probably in the same dustbin as the river opening for traffic story.

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