Wowsers ~ Berg v. Obama aka WTF?

UPDATE: HOLD ON: I’ve noticed in the comments of other threads referencing this one that it’s being debunked by this ObamaCrimes post:

ALERT: Contrary to Internet Rumor, No Court Ruling Yet On Obama / DNC Motion to Dismiss in Berg v. Obama
On Mr. Berg’s behalf, I am posting this to state clearly the Court has not yet ruled on the Motion to Dismiss in Berg v. Obama.
Here’s the status:
1. Last week Senator Obama and the Democratic National Committee filed a Motion to Dismiss the Berg v. Obama lawsuit.
2. On Monday, Mr. Berg filed an answer requesting that the suit not be dismissed and that the Court order production of documents proving Senator Obama’s consitutional qualifications to serve as President of The United States.
3. As of 1 AM EST today, October 2nd, 2008, the Court has not ruled on the Motion for Dismissal in Berg v. Obama.

The PDF appears to be something called a “RESPONSE in Opposition”, where a plaintiff’s lawyer drafts something he wants a lawyer to sign. (Any lawyers in the house? Did I describe that correctly?) If so, let’s lay to rest that the judge has ruled. He HAS NOT. However, my post stands as written concerning my reaction to the circumstances of Mr. Obama’s life vis a vis citizenship.
After the initial complaint at the beginning, toodle on down to page 5 of the PDF. And read. I swear to God, your eyes will bug out of your head.

Not only was the dismissal denied, but Obama, by order of the court, has THREE DAYS to turn over the documents.

12 Responses to “Wowsers ~ Berg v. Obama aka WTF?”

  1. gregor says:

    Why in the world doesn’t Candy McCain call him out on this? Force him to prove it out, one way or the other. I’m beginning to think McCain is in the Obamafuhrer’s pocket, I really am. He’s has so many chances to deliver, if not knock out punches, good hard smacks and he twitters on about bracelets and other crap. How the hell did it come to this?

  2. Two words, gregor:
    If this is held to be TRUE and Obama DQ’d? Dear God in heaven.
    It won’t matter one whit that it was a DEMOCRAT who filed and documented this lawsuit. You’ll never hear that again. It will have been the GOP and all the bitter clingers stripping the brother of the presidency, NOT the Constitution.
    And what a completely fucked up childhood Obama had, bless his little pointy head. No kid deserves that.

  3. someone says:

    C’mon… You really think Obama will have a tougher time than the 12-year-old Chinese gymnasts?

  4. He just might if he hadn’t gamed for this decision. I’m sure it’s a shock to the system.
    And, hey! If he has everything and hands it over, what’s the big deal? This whole mess laid to rest in his favor prior to the election and he gets a big, fat “I told you so” shot.
    But. What if they don’t? What if they try to delay, tap dance, end run, counter file, all of the above?
    That would be a bad thing.
    And maybe someone outside of Blogsville would have to actually report on it.
    Gonna be interesting. I can scarcely stand the tension.

  5. Distracted says:

    I would not get your hopes up on this. This is a proposed order, submitted by the plaintiff, as part of plaintiff’s response to Obama’s motion to dismiss. Each side submits a draft order with their pleadings and the judge signs one – then it become official.
    I think this is motion will be heard on Oct 21st, but I might be wrong about that.
    If you want to follow the action, get a PACER account:, however it is a fee based system.

  6. Distracted ~ wonderful information and thank you so much for it! Bingley and I were casting about for an expert as far as ‘following the action’ and how one does it.

  7. Jim - PRS says:

    I was going to say the same thing about the draft Order. The entire mess has exhausted me.

  8. notropis says:

    Well, whatever claims anyone might make about Obama’s birth, once this Berg complaint wanders off into Indonesian laws about citizenship, it enters the realm of total irrelevancy, if not idiocy.
    Other nations can make whatever laws they want about citizenship; they have no bearing whatsoever on US laws. Each nation is free to define its citizenry as it will. Indonesia claiming you as its citizen does not force the United States to renounce its own claims. We are sovereign.
    Many people have “dual citizenship” by the rules of some country or other; the US seldom recognizes these claims, and will call you simply a US citizen, if you qualify as such, regardless of the rules of some other nation.
    For example, my own children, born in the US to a US citizen father and a US citizen mother, who also is, by Liberian law, still a Liberian citizen, are, by Liberian law, Liberian citizens. But, that is completely meaningless in the United States context. The US government only recognizes their original (from birth) rights as US citizens. Should either one of them wish to be President, once she attains the age of 35, if she garners 50% + 1 of the Electoral College vote, she will be President of the United States.

  9. ArrMatey says:

    It’s a proposed order. It has no meaning at at all yet and until the judge issues a ruling.

  10. James Meyers says:

    Regardless of all the BS, there are too many questions about this individual that have not been answered. He should answer and show all requested data that makes him qualified if he desires to sit in the seat. From what I have learned about him, he does not qulify just based on his experience.

  11. DW says:

    The point is about Obama’s citizenship, is that you lead by example..this country was made great by many who came here for opportunity from other lands..they had one thing in common…get in line at the immigration office and wait your turn for citizenship…a good friend, who has a brilliant mind finally recieved his citizenship after waiting 11 years! why does Obama get a pass here..the mainstream media is not doing its job!

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