The return of radical Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr’s political bloc to the Iraqi government is a “positive sign” but could be a tactic to help its militia survive a US-Iraqi crackdown, the US ambassador to Baghdad said.

That kind of bull-Shiite is exACTLY why I have a huge, sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.
And why I didn’t watch the chief architect last night on the telly.
So as not to beat an innocent and perfectly good TV monitor with a shoe.

3 Responses to “Ya THINK?!”

  1. OMG – that’s EXACTLY what Ive been wanting to do since November.
    I think that’s an excellent form of expressing one’s disgust.
    How ya been, guys?

  2. Tributaries says:

    The Sole of an American

    Tree Hugging Sister reminds of a particular expression of disgust and rejection that perfectly illustrates the way Ive been feeling about our Commander in Chief since November. I know there are others who have been carrying that emotion around much…

  3. It’s just so rich in irony that I couldn’t stand the thought of watching it beCAUSE I was hoping against hope they wouldn’t cave for the fat little schmutz and WHAT do I see FIRST thing this morning?
    Crumbling like a sand castle. And so the bile rises.
    *waves back wildly*
    Okey doke!! And vous?

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