7-1 over Oakland in the 3d. I can’t stand the suspense. Kcruella’s right ~ I’m going to bed, leaving two words to linger on the midnight air…

3 Responses to “Yankees”

  1. Nightfly says:

    Yeah, what a shock – A-Rod hitting a GS in a 15-2 game. ;D

  2. Considering it was a SECOND inning grand slam, it was.
    A shock, that is.

  3. Nightfly says:

    Let me just let Bill Simmons do the talking here – a quote from his running diary of the game, btw: “7:45 — Sheffield strikes out on a 3-2 pitch (bringing Zito’s pitch count to an even 300). … And if you don’t think we’re in “Cheap Grand Slam” territory for A-Rod right now, you obviously don’t know the man very well. Is there any way I can wager on this?”
    He also does the Sox/Rangers. Worth reading it all. He gets off some great lines about Mike Lowell and Manny Ramirez, and zings the Other Metropolitan Team. Something for everyone!

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