Just got this through my little circle of New Orleans area artists. Shame I can’t make it. I’d go dressed like a crawdad er sumthin’. Maybe a nutria.
Yeah. That’s it.

I can see the headlines now:

Loud, foul mouthed Florida nutria infiltrates peaceful levee protest. Film at 11.

That would be me.

When: Tomorrow (Jan 12th), Thursday at 10AM

There will be a nonpartisan, single focus demonstration in front of
Jackson Sq this Thursday at 10 am, Jan. 12, to coincide with the
President’s visit to New Orleans.
The purpose of the demonstration is to draw attention to the
nonpartisan need for Cat 5 levees AND coastal restoration. The
notice explaining the purpose and parameters follows this email. Here it is:
We need Category 5 levees AND coastal restoration NOW, but
insufficient funds have been allocated for this effort. We will
continue to be at risk until adequate funding is realized.
Our weakened levees and eroding coasts are the result of bi-partisan
neglect over several administrations. The issue of Category 5 levees
AND coastal restoration must be unshackled from partisan politics,
and addressed NOW.
The only way to do this is to de-politicize the issue.
President Bush will be in New Orleans on Thursday. Let the President,
Congress and the world see us together without political or racial
divides on this very important issue. Come one, come all –
Republicans, Democrats, New Orleanians, Jeffersonians, residents of
St. Bernard and Plaquemines – all those who have been affected. Let’s
unify on this issue.
Here are the ground rules for this grass-roots effort:
1. No politics. The ONLY issue for this demonstration is Category 5
levees AND coastal restoration. No anti-Bush; no pro-Bush; no
anti-Iraq; no pro-Iraq. No politics. JUST pure focus on the need for
Category 5 levees AND coastal restoration.

2. Bring signs that say only:
– “Cat 5 Levees AND Coastal Restoration NOW!!!!”
Capitalize “AND” and “NOW” to emphasize the need for both.
– “Party Affiliation: Louisianian.”
3. Wear a life jacket or bring other items to underscore what will
happen to this area if the funding is not allocated. You can have fun
with this one.
4. Meet on Thursday, January 12, 2006, in front of Jackson Square
where President Bush announced the start of the “Greatest Recovery
the Nation Has Ever Seen.”
Thank you,

No politics. Right. Like THAT’S gonna happen with a bunch of artists and God knows whoever else shows up. I’m the closest thing to a conservative those guys have ever hung out with and look what you all call me! I’ll bet Cindy Sheehan’ll be there, suckin’ up to Mayor Noggin, while giving Anderson Cooper an interview about how this detracts from her war protesting and then a satellite feed from Gov. Blame&Co in tulipland, pissed she forgot W was coming and went on vacation instead.
::sigh:: But they mean well. No politics. What a hoot.

4 Responses to “Yeesh”

  1. Mr. Bingley says:

    Do it for the children!

  2. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Go dressed as a Hubig pie!!!!!

  3. Genius, JeffS!! I can be a little tart.

  4. The_Real_JeffS says:

    I was thinking “sweet”, but, hey, whatever flips your switch!!!!

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