YES!!! Now I Can Work On Building My Collection…

I’m off to offer a low-ball bid

(Reuters) – A federal judge in California announced a $30 million settlement on Friday between the United States and a vice president of Equatorial Guinea that requires him to forfeit his U.S. assets, including a collection of six life-sized statues of late singer Michael Jackson.

Teodoro Nguema Obiang, the Central African country’s second vice president, used his position of power to amass more than $300 million in the United States through corruption and money laundering, U.S. prosecutors said in court documents.

Obiang must also sell his mansion in Malibu, California, and his Ferrari, which the Justice Department said were bought with money looted from the impoverished country.

The United States was blocked from forcing Obiang to forfeit his assets in Equatorial Guinea, including a Gulfstream jet and Jackson’s famous white, crystal glove.

2 Responses to “YES!!! Now I Can Work On Building My Collection…”

  1. Gunslinger says:

    I wonder if those statues are each a representation of Jacko at various stages of his life?

  2. nightfly says:

    My stars! For the first time in history, an African prince’s emails really paid off!

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