Yet Another Mass Murderer

(h/t to Ace)

3 Responses to “Yet Another Mass Murderer”

  1. tree hugging sister says:

    Ummmmmm!!!! Melted sugary MARSHMALLOW! Not to mention the first few Peeps deflected the shot, proving SUGARY SNACKS CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE!!!

  2. Kathy Kinsley says:

    LOL. Fun stuff. Think I still prefer campfires for melting marshmallow, though. Those peeps only got that nice charred crunchy goodness in tiny little spots. Obviously not an efficient use of good ammo. 😉

  3. Skyler says:

    I love it. I’m surprised at the amount the peeps deflect the bullet.

    And personally, that’s about the only good purpose for those nasty candies.

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