You Can Understand Why They Thought It Flipped Over…

Holy schamoly.

One Response to “You Can Understand Why They Thought It Flipped Over…”

  1. Skyler says:

    I enjoyed that video clip, not because of the subject, but because it is the first time intelligent people have been on the news using a normal voice in my life time.

    Normally, the “bubble headed bleach blonde” who comes on at five, and her male counter part speak stupidly and ignorantly and use the official newsalese accent to convey some sort of faux professionalism.

    I think it is interesting as well that the two women were probably chosen for their race since this was an Asiana plane crash. But I still like how they were probably chosen, beyond that criteria, because they actually had some smarts.

    It was a terrible crash, and we will learn a lot in the year to come, I’m sure.

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