You GOT to Be

sh*ttin’ me!

Report: Arrest made in JonBenet case
Suspect detained in Thailand in connection with ’96 murder, DA source says
The family of slain 6-year-old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey expects arrests in the ten-year-old mystery surrounding her murder, NBC News reported Wednesday.
Jon Ramsey, JonBenet’s father, was told by Colorado authorities that an arrest was made overseas in connection with his daughter’s death in 1996, MSNBC-TV reported.

Color me gobschmacked. That’s a headline I never thought I’d see anywhere but the National Enquirer. Nancy Grace and the rest of the foam-at-the-mouth shellac-heads will be all over this.
UPDATE and bump: Yeesh! This is unbelievable and he is unbelievably creepy.

Well, just being ‘creepy’ never convicted anybody. (At least I hope not.) They’re saying they’ve got DNA samples from the scene (and probably took samples from him when they arrested him), a palm print on the doorjamb, plus one well defined bootprint next to the body as hard evidence. Will it match? And is Mr. Karr going to do a rapid about-face when he gets here and lawyered up?
Of course, being in Thailand when they nailed him for a murderous sexual assault against a six year old isn’t going to help him any.
UPDATE: Well, it just keeps getting more twisted.

Relatives say suspect studied JonBenet case
Teacher held in girl’s murder wrote term paper about case in college

UPDATE: He’s a whacko.

…Court records show a 14-year-old girl sought an annulment of their “ceremonial marriage” in 1985, claiming she feared for her life when she agreed to wed him in 1984, when she was just 13 and he was 19.
Karr admitted she was a minor, documents show, but he disputed she was 13. A judge granted the annulment, and they didn’t have any children.
Karr later married Lara Karr, who was 16 when their twin daughters died the day they were born on Sept. 1, 1989. The girls, Angel and Innocence Karr, are buried in the cemetery of a rural church in a family plot.
Twins die after home birth
Former Sheriff A.C. Tice and others recalled the death of the newborns partly because of the circumstances: They were born at home rather than in a hospital.

13 Responses to “You GOT to Be”

  1. Rob says:

    I hope they have the right person. Hope the case is overwhelming and convincing. The victim deserved better from EVERYONE.

  2. Susanna says:

    Golly. That gives me the chills. The article says something like (paraphrasing) “at one point the Ramseys were shrouded under suspicion of murdering jon Benet.”
    Uh, weren’t they, like, pretty much considered responsible and completely creepy themselves all along by the public? Or at least by me. The kind of parent that pimps a child like that raises considerable suspicion to me, regardless.
    But, vindication is right. WOW. I am shocked, too. SHOCKED.

  3. Susanna says:

    THAILAND, too. Still having chills and shivers.
    Rob is exactly right. That poor, poor child. Never had a chance.

  4. Faith says:

    Yet Patsy Ramsey was suspected just because she BLINKED “wrong”- according to “experts”…

  5. major dad says:

    If they had DNA evidence why were the parents ever under suspicion? The mother always creeped me out too and how they pimped out that little girl is criminal but lots of people put their daughters into that “beauty” pageant crap.

  6. Susanna says:

    Yeah, Major Dad, my father considered modeling whoring and wouldn’t allow it… though I might’ve been big in Tucson. Heh heh heh. A real star.
    Perhaps there was some collusion with this dirty creep and the late Mrs. Ramsey? We will find out all about it, I am sure. Sounds like this guy is going to sing like a canary.

  7. Lisa says:

    So many unanswered questions: How did this creep know the exact amount of John Ramsey’s bonus mentioned in the ransom letter? How did he know the house so well he hid her in a room practically hidden in the basement? How could he just roam the house unseen and unheard?

  8. The WHOLE THING has been big time willie inducing from the beginning. And this doesn’t help that aspect of it, it only adds to the ::gasp:: factor.
    Ick ickick ickick ick ICK.
    And baby beauty pageant parents should be SHOT.

  9. Rob says:

    “And baby beauty pageant parents should be SHOT.”
    Add “baby little league parents” and it’s a deal.

  10. Rob says:

    I suppose it should be just “little league parents”, not “baby little league parents”. Excuse me. I’m a recovering idiot.

  11. Oh, you GOT it!! There were some we came pretty close to when Ebola was playing. And I’m pretty sure Kcruella will want to add ‘youth league ice hockey parents’ to our list. Her stories were chilling.
    (No pun intended.)
    (Okay, okay. There was.)

  12. Nightfly says:

    And youth roller hockey parents. I coached and reffed, I could tell tales…

  13. Kcruella says:

    Please add the cheerleading parents to the list. They are right behind the beauty pagent parents on on creepy meter.
    The little ray of sunshine played roller hockey at the Rahway areana a few years back, did you ever give him a penalty Nightfly?

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