You Got To Run On Heavy Heavy Fuel

If you wanna be cool:

Iran is set to upgrade its nuclear reactor capability by replacing its 5-megawatt reactor in Tehran with Arak’s 40-megawatt heavy water research reactor, the Tehran Times reported.
…Heavy water nuclear centers can be used to convert uranium into plutonium, for use in the production of nuclear weapons.
The “Arak research reactor is due for completion in 2009 and will make isotopes for medical, industrial, and other peaceful uses,” the Tehran Times claimed.

Let’s see, there’s something called the “Religion of Peace”, isn’t there? And any use of their nuclear power that “promotes” it, like, say, “convert or we nuke you” or “let’s wipe Israel off of the map” would I’m sure in their mind be a “peaceful” use, now wouldn’t it?

Iran has asked the International Atomic Agency for aid in setting up the Arak nuclear site, but Aqazadeh was quoted as saying that “the work on the Arak research reactor will continue whether the agency provides technical assistance or not.”
“It will be more harmful to the agency if it refuses assistance,” he warned.

I’m sure that will get the Europeasers scurrying to offer aid. It always does.

3 Responses to “You Got To Run On Heavy Heavy Fuel”

  1. Rob says:

    You get extra points with me, Mr Bingley, for the Dire Straits reference.

  2. Not a stretch for the “King of Kicks for Free”.

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