You Gotta Love Europe

…if only for the entertainment value. A round-up of tidbits and pointers.
1) Don’t be an immigrant, homeless or poor and old in France.
You’ll wind up like an Eskimo grandmother who’s lost her teeth and can’t chew sealskin anymore. But they will ask people to be vigilant and report your body blocking traffic.
2) On second thought, even rich old French bastards are having a rough time of it.

Ageing Francophiles are being purged as the EU tries to get back to basics, writes Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
Once the bastion of Franco-German corporatism, the European Commission is now slipping ever further under the control of “Thatcherites”.

Thatcherites“, “English as the lingua franca of the EU system” and worse; a Maoist turned free-market crusader (Does no one stick to their principles anymore?) who just happens to be le grande frommage in Brussels. Oh OUCH, this all has to hurt. Filthy peasents.
3) Sneaky, sneaky record companies never learn. They just change venues.

However the media industry, in the form of the newly-launched ‘”Creative and Media Business Alliance”, want to use this data to hunt down people who they think may be involved in the far less serious offence of sharing copyright material over the internet.
They have the gall to believe that their business is as important as the protection of our lives from acts of indiscriminate terror, and want the stored data to be available to the police when investigating any criminal offence, not just the serious ones it currently covers.
The CMBA has written to every member of the European Parliament saying that limiting the proposal to “serious” offences would hamper enforcement activities for other forms of criminal offence.

Personally, I think anyone who ever bought and shared a Britany Spears mpeg should be hunted down like the dogs they are with all means necessary, but I know there have to be limits. We can watch it all shake out in Europe.

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