You Know How Hilary and Obama Got Chris Stevens and the Others Killed in Benghazi?

And have LIED ABOUT IT FOR DAYS (H/T Instapundit)?


Campaign says Romney’s average effective tax rate was 20 percent over 2 decades

Mitt Romney’s campaign, in its latest attempt to respond to calls to release more years of tax returns, announced Friday that the Republican candidate averaged a 20 percent effective tax rate for the years in question and never paid less than 13.66 percent.

But the campaign is sticking by the candidate’s vow not to release more than his last two tax returns, which critics have made into a potent campaign issue.

Romney plans to release his final tax return for 2011 on Friday. That document will show the Romneys paid $1.9 million in taxes on nearly $14 million in income, mostly from investments, giving them an effective tax rate of 14.1 percent, the campaign said in a blog post.

Mark my words.

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