You Know, I Hate Excuse Makers

But in light of self congratulatory headlines like these:

Defenders of Iraq war counter-rally
Smaller-than-expected gathering follows anti-war protest
WASHINGTON (AP) — Support for U.S. troops fighting abroad mixed with anger toward anti-war demonstrators at home as hundreds of people, far fewer than organizers had expected, rallied Sunday on the National Mall just a day after tens of thousands protested against the war in Iraq.

…I’m given to ponder if there’s, perhaps, a disconnect between the Cindy Sheehans of the world and the Un-Cindys.

You know ~ the folks in the neighborhood who have a son, or daughter, or grandson, or niece or best friend’s kid ~ in uniform somewhere they send letters and cookies to. Emails and Vienna Snausages. Baby wipes and stupid birthday packages. Those Un-Cindy folks work. They go to church and volunteer afterward for Sunday school, or just sit home watching football games until it’s time to help a neighbor with his fence. Maybe even watch their 2 year old so neighbor and the missus (who also has a job) can go be a ‘couple’ for a few hours. (While you get to enjoy a baby and THEN give him back. Now, that’s Heaven.)
I don’t know. It seems to me that ‘protestors’ live in a different world than I do. I know that, for all the money and free MSM coverage they were getting, not too many ‘protestors’ showed up compared to what they expected. That had to be a bummer, but I’m sure they found a way to spin it. Kinda like the ‘Million Man March’ wound up being a hundred and fifty thousand or so. I just don’t think your average American has time to wisk on down to D.C. He says what he has to say by the flag hanging off his brickwork, the ribbon on his Toyota, his voter registration card, just the time he spends being a good citizen. I feel strongly about a bunch of stuff, but think my time is better served by actions, not activism. The blog here is a vanity project ~ you all are subjected to my opinion in spite of Bingley and Crusader’s best efforts and I am proudly the bleeding heart liberal of the bunch. But it’s also a community, a neighborhood. We’ve all got ‘stuff’ we’re doing that feeds the fabric of the nation. Lisa’s D is off to Iraq, New Orleans; wherever they need him. Wherever we need him. JeffS wears tacky Sod Off T-shirts in one of the God forsaken armpits of earth, alongside intrepid fellows like Skylar Rentner and Cpl. Tim. Mr. Summers goes to work everyday and does his best to keep things honest. Bingley counts beans (literally!), Crusader is a bean counter, I’m a has bean and Major Dad is a ‘bean there, done that’ veteran, like Sharps. Cullen watches the parade of human beans through the front gates, Kraut wonders about what has bean and what’s to come, while Diptera strings beans and sees the mystery in God’s order. We’re all busy, we all have stuff to do, we’re all on the crusade of living LIFE. And if you live life to it’s fullest, the best you can, that takes work. And dedication. There’s a conviction there that doesn’t need your photo in Newsweek for validation. Or a hand lettered, dork-ass ‘F@ck Capitalism’ sign for proof of commitment. WTF is that? No one understands that. So who are these people talking to? Each other, I guess. Not to anybody I know, that’s for sure, because we don’t have time for ‘out there’. We’re all busy. We’re all working on life.
That’s the disconnect, I think. I see these ‘protestors’ on Gateway Pundit, etc., and all I see is Clare, from ‘Six Feet Under’. A caricature. Written to be so clever and tortured and privileged and cutting edge; and so far from anything remotely connected to real life, that it renders serious consideration moot. I don’t mean to sound like an apologist for the lack of sign wavers for, um…my side. But I think I know why there weren’t huge red, white and blue crowds. We’re busy. We’ve got things to do, friends to support and a way of life ~ of living ~ we cherish and defend. Who we are doesn’t need a rally, a parade or a public face. I’m not rushing to buy a bus ticket to D.C. because Mother Sheehan’s in town. That happenstance doesn’t begin to meet the threshhold of galvanization ~ of a call to action. She and her buddies are hardly worth notice, less mind airfare and an ulcer. We’re busy with better things to do. And are better for it.

5 Responses to “You Know, I Hate Excuse Makers”

  1. The Real JeffS says:

    An excellent point, THS! Even about Mr. Beangley!
    I’ve seen this as well; on the local level as well as the national. And not even for the anti-war movement. I often think that the difference is the focus. One segment is for the community, the other segment is all about themselves.

  2. John says:

    Well, THS, this group think it worked once, for Vietnam, so now whining like a toddler in public should get them whatever they want, right? But the kids have moved on (no pun indended) from activism because they watched the Boomers’ sad slide into hypocrisy and worse, so all that’s left are the lunatic fringe (who couldn’t hold a job with a pair of tongs). We’ve always had them with us, just like we’ve always had the poor. Who were those flagellants in the middle ages? Same type of people, I bet. The progeny of the group of dipsticks who publically whipped themselves instead of working on the Manor farms are now whipping society instead of getting a job. It’s like being a priest – nice life if you can stomach it.

  3. Cullen says:

    I couldn’t even bear to watch any of the anti-war stuff, but it did look like their crowd was decent sized.
    The pro-military support rally that happened yesterday had a terrible turnout. I watched some of it on C-SPAN and got to see G. Gordon Liddy’s speech (which was excellent, anyone know that his youngest son is a LTC in the Marines and lost his face [reconstruced] in ’89?). Your point is profound THS. It was my exact thought while I was watching. Both my wife and I thought the turnout for the “pro-war” rally was low, but I said, “You know, conservatives don’t tend to rally except for elections.”

  4. Mr. Bingley says:

    It applies to those anarchist rallies that were all the rage a few years ago, too. I read reports of these folks who travel about the globe protesting various nefarious effects of…global travel.
    I guess since the Dead stopped touring there’s a bunch of folks who’ve got nothing to do now…

  5. GALA says:

    A very good article THS. On target.
    It’s odd. When the first Bush wouldn’t go after Saddam, everyone was saying “c’mon.” Now that the second Bush went after him, they ask, “What are you doin’?”

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